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Our specialty is the production and manufacture of all kinds of machines for sand facilities and asphalt plants

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Equipment advice

Parsian masehshoor asia Industrial Group, by using its technical and specialized teams to equip sand facilities and asphalt factories, gives you free advice.

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Quality only happens when you do your best to get the best results.

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after sales service

As you know, buying a product is enjoyable when we have full confidence in the after-sales service of that product and use it safely. Parsian Sand Salt Industrial Group of Asia, with its experienced and highly specialized staff in the field of marketing, sales and after-sales services of its products, has made every effort to achieve the best results and dear customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Specialized team

Parsian masehshoor asia Industrial Group of Asia has been able to provide quality products by using the latest and most up-to-date devices in the world and also by using specialized and capable people in its various production lines. Each of the members of this group has high academic and technical degrees in their scientific and technical fields, which increases the efficiency and quality of work in making the final product.


Quality is the top element of brand and product durability. In Parsian masehshoor asia Industrial Group, an effort has been made to finally produce accuracy and quality, products and provide them to our dear customers. What materials, alloys and tools we use to produce quality and durable products requires a lot of experience and knowledge, all of which is evident in the first-class products of Parsian masehshoor asia Industrial Group.

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professional repair services

Repair of crushers

We repair and overhaul all kinds of crushers, salt sand and asphalt plant facilities with a written guarantee.